Population: 9800 (95% Human, 5% Mixed Other) (Search -1)

Physical and Magical Environment
Terrain: Mountains and fields
Appearance: Attractive (+1) Hygiene: 0
Mana Level: Normal
Enchantments: Uncommon

Culture and Economy
Languages: Chellish, Varesian Literacy: Fluent
TL: 4
Wealth: Average Status: -1 to 4

Political Environment
Government: Representative Democracy
Control Rating: 3
Military Defense Bonus: +3 (Organized militia, some fortifications)

Current Leaders
The Beast of Lepidstadt
Dean of Lepidstadt University Acciani Viacarri

Lepidstadt is the largest city in Vieland and effectively acts as the County’s capital since the governing council is based there. Lepidstadt is located on the banks of the Lesser Moutray river, in the foothills of the enormous and near-impassible Tusk Mountains that mark the border with the Hold of Belkzen.

It is best known for the University of Lepidstadt, a small but very fine education center, and a circular set of standing stones called the Spiral Cromlech.


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