Illmouth (formerly Baymouth)

Population: 550 (95% Human, 5% Mixed Other) (Search -2)

Physical and Magical Environment
Terrain: Swamp and deep freshwater lakeshore
Appearance: Badly Worn (-2) Hygiene: -2
Mana Level: Normal
Enchantments: Rare

Culture and Economy
Languages: Chellish, some Varesian, Literacy: Accented
TL: 4
Wealth: Average Status: -2 to 3

Political Environment
Government: Representative Democracy
Control Rating: 3
Military Defense Bonus: +2 (Poorly organized militia, some fortifications)

Current Leaders
Mayor Early Greedle (elderly, skinny human fisherman)
Sheriff Rill Anders (middle-aged male human)
Aldar Volitario (male human, chief cleric of Gozreh)
Rube Dreeley (male human owner of the Boutiful Catch Inn)
Laurel Sills (female human owner of the Walleyed Kraken Tavern)
Jaleen Halrush (female half-elf apothecary)

This town has obviously seen better days and is in poor repair but is not particularly destitute. The townsfolk all seem tired and out of sorts and are almost hostile to outsiders.

Illmouth (formerly Baymouth)

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