Professor Petros Lorrimer

A strange man in a strange land


Height: 5’ 4", Weight: 170 lbs, Age: 60

White hair, full beard, twinkle in his eye


Professor Petros Lorrimer was a history teacher at the University of Lepidstadt for many years before retiring to Ravengro where his young wife had family.

Professor Lorrimer is well-known among the wealthy and well-educated in every corner of Ustalav. He is very short, stocky, and very congenial with a rich mane of white hair and a magnificent beard. Lorrimer makes friends very easily and had an encyclopedic knowledge of every pub and brew house in every major city (and most minor cities) in Ustalav. His repertoire of off-color jokes and daring adventure stories (that may or may not be true) are welcome everywhere in Ustalav.

Unlike most people in Ustalav, Professor Lorrimer loves to travel and meet new people. The recent death of his wife has forced him to settle down and take care of the couple’s only child, Kendra, but it is rumored that the Professor still continues his study of the Whispering Tyrant.

Professor Petros Lorrimer

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