Felix Hofer


Name: Felix Hofer
Race: Human

Attributes [ 80 ]
ST 10
DX 11 [ 20 ]
IQ 13 [ 60 ]
HT 10

HP 10
Will 13
Per 13
FP 10

Basic Lift 20
Damage 1d-2/1d

Basic Speed 5.25
Basic Move 5

Ground Move 5
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 4 [ 0 ]
Cultural Familiarities:
Languages: Chelish (Native) [ 0 ].

Advantages [ 97 ]
Ambidexterity [ 5 ]
Combat Alchemist (4) [ 20 ]
Gadgeteer(Quick) [ 50 ]
Gizmo 3(Only Alchemical Elixirs) [ 12 ]
Photographic Memory [ 10 ]

Disadvantages [ -60 ]
Absent-Mindedness [ -15 ]
Clueless [ -10 ]
Curious (12 or less) [ -5 ]
Insomniac(Severe) [ -15 ]
Pyromania(12 or less) [ -5 ]
Xenophilia(12 or less) [ -5 ]

Quirks [ -2 ]
Attentive [ -1 ]
Obsession(Alchemy) [ -1 ]

Skills [ 12 ]
Alchemy/TL4 – IQ+4 17 [ 4 ]
includes: 4 from ‘Combat Alchemist’, +1 from ‘GM Bonus’
Chemistry/TL4 – IQ-2 11 [ 1 ]
Fast-draw(Elixir – DX+4 15 [ 1 ]
includes: 4 from ‘Combat Alchemist’
Herb Lore/TL4 – IQ+1 14 [ 1 ]
includes: 4 from ‘Combat Alchemist’
Naturalist(Earth) – IQ-1 12 [ 2 ]
Poisons/TL4 – IQ+2 15 [ 1 ]
includes: 4 from ‘Combat Alchemist’
Staff – DX+3 14 [ 1 ]
includes: 4 from ‘Combat Alchemist’
Throwing – DX+3 14 [ 1 ]
includes: 4 from ‘Combat Alchemist’

Stats [ 80 ] Ads [ 97 ] Disads [ -60 ] Quirks [ -2 ] Skills [ 12 ] Unspent [ 4 ] = Total [ 131 ]

Hand Weapons
1 Quarterstaff $10 Wgt:4
Swing Dam:1d+2 cr Reach:1,2 Parry:12 ST:7 Skill:Staff,DX+3
Thrust Dam: 1d cr Reach:1,2 Parry:12 ST:7 Skill:Staff,DX+3

Armor & Possessions
Gold and Platinum Pieces worth $0
1 Alchemist’s Kit (Wgt:25)
1 Antitoxin Kit (Wgt:.5)
1 Backpack, Small (Wgt: 3)
1 Cloth Armor Suit (Wgt: 12)
1 Quarterstaff (Wgt: 4)
(QTY TBD) Alchemy Materials

Campaign Log
12/19/12 – 8XP, GM Bonus(Alchemy+1), New Quirk
- Gizmo(2) → Gizmo(3) [ 4 ]
- 4XP Unspent
- Obsession(Alchemy) [ -1 ]


Felix Hofer was born to the physician of a nobleman’s family, the Issacs. His mother died during childbirth while his father was away tending to one of lord Issac’s sons. This greatly troubled Felix’s father and forced him to raise Felix by himself while also causing him to blame lord Issac for his loss. As a young child Felix frequented the manner of lord Issac with his father. He played with the other young servant children in the court yard and learned the ins and outs of serving a noble family. In his early adolescence he apprenticed with his father learning much of his family trade, but Felix was not interested in helping others like his father.

On Felix’s 20th birthday his father passed away of natural causes and not wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps he set out on his own. After many months of travel he settled down in one of the major cities applying to the university where he studied for several years in many different things. Felix enjoyed learning new things and his professors admired his wild curiosity. Felix graduated and continued on at the university as an associate professor for several years. That is until one autumn day when he was researching in the lab alone. Felix was working with a new formula he had been working on that he claimed could generate power without the elements of wind and water. What happened next is still debated to this day, but the results were clear, the entire west laboratory was burned down and destroyed. Felix claimed he was sabotaged by a rival, but the head professors had dealt with Felix’s pyromania in the past and had, had enough.

Setting out again on his own, this time 28 years old, he determined he would complete his research in private away from distractions. He set out for the northern most town and setup his laboratory in the wilderness some miles outside of town. He gathered most of his supplies from the wilderness around him only going into town a handful of times a year for the first few years than not at all. His existence became one of folk lore and legends by the towns folk with the younger ones setting out to find his laboratory alone at night on dares. These served as only minor annoyances to Felix as many would run away at the sight of him. He continued his research for many years until recently when he received a letter from the university of Lepidstat.

“Dear Prof. Hofer,

You do not know me personally, but I have heard a great deal about you from the other professors at the university. It has been a small adventure in itself tracking you down and I am hopeful it will pay off. Recently there was a break in at the Museum of Dubious Magical Devices near the university here in Lepisdstat. I wouldn’t normally bother you with such a request however little is actually known of this device and I feel after hearing about you that you may be able to track down who exactly would be after such a relic.

I know you are deeply setted in your research, but I assure you this is of the utmost importance and your help is gravely needed. I shall hope to see you within the month.”

Felix wasn’t quite sure why he felt obligated to return and help this unknown professor. It could have been he couldn’t look away from a good mystery, or that his research had been completed recently. Regardless of why he went he set out the following morning locking up his laboratory and taking only his mixing kits and vials and his quarterstaff and set out for Lepisdstat.

Felix Hofer

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