Charnal Crown

The Cleansing of Harrowstone

The group was determined after the events of the last adventure to finish the fight one way or the other. Vesoriana could not survive many letters of her name being written on the monument and without her assistance all would surely be lost.

But there was considerable discussion about how to go about this. For example, should the items belonging to the prisoners be brought along? The group believed the items had powers that could be used against the prisoners but the group also had evidence that the items worked against them as well. Eventually the group decided to bring the items and tackle the Oubliette first (believed to be the lair of the Lopper).

After some misadventures, the group found themselves fighting against the Lopper, a wraith that could make them bleed who had an affinity for attacking the neck. Both sides of the conflict suffered from a considerable amount of bad luck and could not land a blow but eventually the Lopper was dispatched with his own axe by Ottavio.

The dwarf, called the Midgewater Marauder, went down easily by comparison, entranced by the spirit of the wife he murdered long ago.

The group made an interesting discovery on the way to confront the Splatterman. The prison torture room had last been used to torture Warden Hawkran to death. In particular the prisoners sharpened the edge of his copper badge of office and jammed it into his mouth, causing him to bleed to death. The group discovered that the badge had an unusual form of the holy symbol of Pharasma carved on the back of it. Although nobody knew what it meant, they decided to bring the item to Vesoriana.

Much to their surprise, she could hold the badge even though she was incorporeal. An even greater surprise came when Vesoriana was able to repel the spirits of the minor haunts. Vesoriana put geater effort into using the holy synbol and was able to destroy all of the small wandering haunts that had made their lives miserable in the beginning of the adventure. An unpleasant discovery was the Father Charletan had found his voice again and was trying to suborn her. There was some discussion as to what to do but the group could not find a better plan than continuing to gather the bones of the long-dead spirits into Vesoriana’s care.

The group also found out that Vesoriana had been convinced during the riot that her husband alive and could be freed if the guards freed the prisoners. She proved to be so disruptive that the guards were forced to lock her in the crafts room and forgot her once the fire started.

The Splatterman proved to be nasty, in part because he had a pet, an unnamed creature that kept putting the character’s names up on the prison walls, one letter at a time. Whenever the name was complete the character had to survive a Will roll, Lux hated the creature because of her short name. The Splatterman also proved to be a competent spellcaster and was almost a full-fledged ghost. He got stronger every time a character missed a Will roll against his pet. Archie and Ottavio figured out that the best way to destroy the ghost was to bring it out into the open by burning its old spellbook in front of him. This almost worked too well as the ghost used its disrupting touch against Archie with dire effect.

Although the group severely injured the Splatterman, they could not put him away and he proved to be elusive, flitting from one cell to another, while showering the group with spells. Eventually Harry caught the Splatterman off-guard with a blunderbuss full of enchanted shot. Then the Splatterman’s pet slipped its incorporeal leash and savaged the Splatterman’s soul before leaving with a very content burp.

Then came the next challenge, the Splatterman had been caught in the fire and had been severely burned. He managed to drag himself to a small oubliette in the Nevermore section of the prison and floated in the water to sooth his burns. But he was unable to heal himself and died there, his bones sinking into the black water. Harry and Archie cleverly figured out how to get a bone out without getting wet, completing the group’s mission.

The group brought the bone back to Vesoriana under siege from Father Charletan, Lopper, and the Piper. They had grown too powerful since the Warden had ripped from the prison and they were slowly bending Vesoriana to their will. There was nothing the group could do but watch in horror and offer Vesoriana verbal support.

Yet another surprise came in the form of Father Grimburrow, he had had a vision from Pharasma urging him to come to the prison and to show Vesoriana the way to Pharasma’s realm. After taking a last quick drink, Grimburrow stepped into Vesoriana’s image and instantly died. Lux heard a low, strong female voice say, “Come,” and the entire group heard the other ghosts wail in one last protest as Vesoriana followed Grimburrow from the realm of the living, dragging all of the other spirits with her.

The village of Ravengro was shocked by this turn of events and for a couple of moments it looked like the villagers might try to gain revenge for the death of their ancient cleric but he had left a long note telling them what he did and why.

The rest of the month passed peacefully. Kendra replaced the old cranky teacher in Ravengro’s school. Damon was offered the position of Sheriff. Ottavio kept the Loppers axe while Harry disbursed all of the holy symbols collected by Father Charlatan back to their original faiths. The Midgewater Marauder’s hammer was donated to the local foundry and Archie kept the flute.

The final event of the month occurred when a local trapper who lived out of town brought his son to the group and made him tell what he saw 5 weeks ago. A group dressed in black robes, led by a skull-faced man wearing armor made of human bones left the area of the prison, going north. Ottavio noted that the group’s next stop is Lepidstadt, which also happens to be to the north.



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