Charnal Crown

Stuff That Happened

After my romantic tryst, I met with my compatriots. They said that the mayor hinted that the Undiomedes might still be alive, among other things. But we had a plan for taking care of the rather corrupt temple in town first, so we proceeded with those plans.

I made a door through a wall into the temple, whereupon we ambushed a group of brothers. While we were tying them up, some oversize crab thing appeared and pinched off Erbik’s leg. It was no good. It alerted the other guards somehow, and the lot of them came through the door shortly after the crab appeared. We eventually damaged the crab sufficiently that it ran off, and the other guards were subdued shortly thereafter. Of course, this wasn’t enough, so some priest and another guy come busting in. We kicked their asses, too. Unfortunately, we kicked the priest’s ass too well, and he died. To remedy the situation, I occupied Erbik whilst No Brows fed the dead priest a Necromantic potion and questioned him about who he served (the evil god Dagon). So, we searched the shark head’s room and found some demonic statues, so we grabbed those for evidence and then we found a weird parasitic creature in his bed. We killed that and collected it for evidence.

We searched the rest of the temple and found a hidden room filled with weird frescoes of fish being fish-sluts with ladies (also acting rather promiscuously) that also contained the stupid crab thing (which believed he was invisible) which we killed as well as a lot of runes on the walls, which we destroyed with some well-placed shotgun blasts.

We also saved some insignificant couple that fared far better than the room full of parasite-infected corpses at the other end of the hallway. Erbik also performed last rites on them before we could do cool Necromancy on them.

With all of this evidence in hand, we rounded up the Sheriff (who I turned out to have more in common with than either of us had previously believed) and a posse, and we headed out to the Undiomede Mansion where we gave a stirring speech to properly enthuse the angry mob while we prepared for more treasure snatching and ass kicking of Sharkhead, his brothers in Chthonic evil, and whatever enormous mutant left the footprints all over the damn place.



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