Charnal Crown

Scheisse Rolls Downhill...

And We're At The Bottom

Excerpted from Lord Bothwell’s Personal Journal:

_We continued to run after razing the entire church in an attempt to slay the foul beast, but it marched onward unfazed.

With little hope of defeating the monster, we continued to Dr. Crove’s asylum. It was a strange place; inmates were strapped to the walls and floor in what I can only imagine was supposed to be some form of treatment. I tried to speak to several of the wretches, but none were comprehensible.

We eventually found the Doctor’s office, but it was empty, save several necromantic tomes, so we kept poking around until we found a stairway leading to the basement. There, we found a few half-flayed inmates and an astonishingly interesting latrine. It seems that the Doctor has some sort of dark elf infestation, something we uncovered through the use of History magic, but we were unable to turn up the Doctor himself until the dark beast had arrived. Luckily, he knew where the Doctor was; unluckily, it killed the Doctor before we could.

Several grenades and many gunshots later, the vile thing finally expires. We did a thorough looting (natch) and collected our reward (and No-Brows junior). At this point, to nobody’s surprise or sorrow, Endil chose to leave our group. First Lux and then Endil, what is going on? I mean, some of us shower regularly, don’t we? What more could they ask for? Our depleted group finally arrived at the town of Thrushmore, the last stop before we finally arrived at our destination of Illmouth.

We stopped in at a Tavern in this one-stop village, and discovered that its patron, a man named Tillas, was working with the Order and was willing to aid us. Sadly, his operation had been infiltrated, and the stableman in his employ (along with several other assailants) jumped a number of our party. After they had been searched, interrogated, and dispatched (mostly in that order) it was discovered that one carried a personal letter for me, and another carried instructions from the Whispering Way.

Coming to our aid during the fight was a man named Brother Erbik, apparently another paladin sent by the gods to aid us. And so, we march on. Still, I feel conflicted about our direction. I desperately want to aid my countrymen in Caliphas. Perhaps, I still might. I will have to confer with the Book for guidance._


Bob, I had to modify the text to expand on some important changes to the group.

Scheisse Rolls Downhill...

No worries.

Scheisse Rolls Downhill...

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