Welcome to beautiful, haunted Ustalav

The best way to imagine the setting is to mash medieval Germany and colonial New England together and view the resulting concoction through the lens of a modern roleplaying system.

The campaign is based on a Pathfinder adventure path, called “Carrion Crown” but has been heavily modified so the players should not expect the plot to stick too closely to the original plot. The story’s edge has been honed using GURPS Horror into something even more beautiful and terrible to behold.

This is first, last, and always, a storyteller’s campaign. The emphasis will be on investigation and interaction with NPC’s. But when combat does occur, it will be fast and deadly.

This campaign is dedicated to the stubborn, creative, honorable, superstitious, sweet-natured, self-righteous, generous, and conspiracy-prone people of Ustalav. The characters and plot could not exist without them. The people of Ustalav didn’t ask for their history and they probably don’t deserve what is about to befall them in the present.

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Charnal Crown

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